Baseball Spot Work/Flat Ground

Baseball Spot Work/Flat Ground

Spot Work/Flat Ground


Spot Work/Flat Ground - Ohio Fitness Garage


For this flat ground workout, it’s simply catch between two players with the use of a home plate for spotting.


Set up about 30-40 feet away from your teammate on a straight line, and have one of the players get down in a catching stance. The player catching should move around the strike zone and keep their glove completely still as the target.


After 10 pitches are thrown, switch it up and have the other player catch. If you want to get competitive, incorporate a point system for every spot hit. Do about 3-4 rounds of spot work for this drill.


The Purpose


Like spot work in hitting, spot work in pitching also builds hand-eye coordination and teaches the importance of control over velocity. Players doing this drill should only crank it up to about 60% power. Location is the top priority in this drill.


When catching, you should utilize all aspects of the strike zone, and even highlight the parts of the zone your teammate has trouble hitting. When pitching, don’t just stick to your fastball, this is also a time to develop the accuracy of other pitches.


The Results


Throwing heat will always have its advantages, but being able to spot and command your set of pitches is truly invaluable and is a coveted pitching trait.


The incorporation of flat ground work also helps maintain the fluidity of pitching mechanics. In this instance, there’s no mound to push off of or downward slope to generate power. Instead, the pitcher will have to be conscious of their body movements to make sure everything is in-sync.








Written by: Devin Pickell

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