Swimming Effect on Body Shape

Swimming Effect on Body Shape


 Cureton first claimed in 1948 that swimming´s top talent represented ¨the mesomorphic ideal of body build,¨ but we don’t need to be a scientist to see Michael Phelps´ abs glaring at us on the TV screen. Whether you are familiar with the sport or not, according to Harvard health professionals, swimming is one of the best exercises you can do, and the bodies of the sport are proof. Let’s take a closer look at the physical and mental benefits of swimming.


Swimming offers benefits for both the body and mind. It strengthens the body while clearing the mind. Berger and Owen did work to examine the effects of swimming on mental well-being, and they proved that swimming can decrease anger, confusion, tension, and depression while increasing vigor. The time you spend working-out in the pool as well as the cool-temperature of the water can both positively impact mood. Swimming´s benefits don’t stop there. It also has significant physical benefits that can boost your health.


It is evident that Michael Phelps is in extremely good shape. He probably spends more time in the pool than on land, but are the benefits of swimming achievable without committing to several hours of practicing? Lucky for us, the answer is yes. The Lithuanian Department of Physical Education showed us that we don’t need to have a committed schedule like Michael Phelps to reap the benefits from swimming. They proved that just two, 45 minute sessions per week over 3 months can improve aerobic capacity and reduce body fat mass. We don’t all need to be Michael Phelps to have a killer body.


Swimming has a variety of benefits, and its low impact makes it accessible for all ages. Mentally and physically the water will change your life for the better.



Written by Michelle Gean

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