Swimming as An Adult

Swimming as An Adult

Swimming as An Adult

 Swimming as An Adult - Ohio Fitness Garage

If you haven't swam as a kid, sometimes it can be daunting to try to start swimming as an adult. Luckily, there are thousands of ways to get your feet wet in the sport as an adult.


Depending on your level, you can always find private lessons at your local pool. This one-on-one attention is the best way to advance your skills and ensure you are ready for the next level. Though private lessons can be extremely beneficial for first time swimmers, lessons can advance any skill level. So, inquire about your options at your local pool.


If you are ready to swim with other fellow adults, Masters Swimming is your best option. Masters swimming is an organization across the nation that gives adults the opportunity to swim and compete within their age group. You can find a variety of skill and age levels at these practices, and it is a fun way to get to know other swimmers in the community.


If you get involved with a masters program, sometimes they also offer triathlon training for those interested. Get in touch with your local US Masters program to learn more about your opportunities.




Written by Michelle Gean

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