Ten Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach

Ten Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach

Ten Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach

 Ten Qualities of a Good Soccer Coach - Ohio Fitness Garage

It’s easy to sign up your child for at the local club but it takes a bit more effort on your part with research and talking to those already playing on the team (also parents) about what it’s like on their team. One huge factor of a team will be the coach. If you are looking for a great soccer coach to be responsible for your child’s soccer upbringing, here are ten quick qualities to check off when looking into a new club, team, and coach.


  1. Coach Should Be a Good Role Model

Not only does that mean athletically (some coaches don’t have much prior soccer experience), it should mean professionally—setting a good example for your children to follow—and personally. Although you don't normally know much about a coach’s personal life, they should have good values and practice them—at least when your child is watching.


  1. Coach Should Maintain a Professional Appearance

Like the old saying goes, “Dress for the job you want, not the one you have,” or “Fake it until you make it.” Whatever the case may be, your child’s coach should look the part even if they don’t seem like they fit the part.


  1. Coach Should Be On Time

Of course, we know that things happen but being perpetually late or right on-time with the rest of the team isn't something that should be a characteristic of a model coach. They should be the first ones to training and matches, especially to set up.


  1. Coach Should Be a Quality Teacher

Especially when it comes to teaching a particular tactic or skill, a coach should be able to deliver clear, concise, and correct instructions during practice and games. If they are able to demonstrate the skill or tactic, that’s also a plus.


  1. Coach Should Be a Player’s Friend

Not their best friend, mind you. But they should be able to have a player-coach relationship far enough to know the children’s personalities, interests, and ways they learn best. The better that relationship is, the easier it is for the coach to motivate and help teach the players the game.


  1. Coach Should Be a Quality Listener

A coach should not be a dictator. Even though coaches should instruct and have the ultimate say, it’s important for them to listen to their team’s desires, needs, and views. A player should be encouraged to voice their own opinions.


  1. Coach Should Also Be a Good Communicator

A coach should recognize the impact of his or her words and how they deliver it. Communication also spans out to body language—not just what he or she says.


  1. Coach Should Focus on Development

Whether it’s the development of a team or a specific player, the coach should be working with his or her players on basic soccer skill but also on the development as people, with social skills like patience, teamwork, and discipline.


  1. Coach Should Be a Motivator

This doesn't mean that the coach should just be a good yeller. They should learn and know how to individually and collectively motivated their team in training and before and after every game.


  1. Coach Should Be Prepared

This could look like a whole range of things, from setting up practice and warm-up beforehand to knowing the plan for out-of-city tournaments but to wrap it all up, they should remember: Perfect Planning Prevents Poor Performance.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.


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