Choosing a Tennis Shoe

Choosing a Tennis Shoe

A Shoe that Fits All

This shoe, that shoe. Do my shoes really matter when I play tennis. The answer to that is simple, yes.

 What are Court Shoes For Tennis?

There are two major reasons why you need a specific type of shoe to play tennis. First, some courts require that you have a shoe that won’t leave marks on the tennis court.  The second reason is that the quick start-stop movements of the sport will have you jamming your toes in the front of your shoe if you don’t have the right kind of shoe.


The second reason is a little more important than the first (sorry, country clubs). That being said, you don’t need the right shoe to play the game. You can always make do with the type of shoes you have. Just be warned, Your toes may be black and blue.










Written by Michelle Gean

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