4 Alternative Tennis Games

4 Alternative Tennis Games

Games Out of the Box


If you don’t want to play a serious match, there are alway a lot of other options. Sometimes hitting the ball around casually is more fun than an intense match. Here are some suggestions for a casual game on the courts.

King of the Court Tennis

In this game, you generally have more than 2 players. There is one King, and they are on one side of the court. The rest of the players line up on the opposite side of the court. One player steps onto the court to challenge the king. They play one point. If the king wins, the next challenger steps onto the court. If the king loses, the person who overthrew him runs to the king´s side of the court to replace him. The next person in line steps up to challenge the new king. The game keeps going until there is a king that can’t be beaten.


Keep it Up Tennis

In ´keep it up,´ you do exactly that. You try to keep the ball in play…. No matter what. In this game, you throw out the normal rules of tennis. The ball can bounce as many times as it needs and it can land outside of the court. The trick is to keep the ball in play. It can prove to be a tiring and fast paced game if you give it a try.


Tennis Target Practice

Not your normal target practice. All the players line up on one side of the court. They place specific items on the other side of the court. Then, each player lines up and tries to hit the items one by one. Who has the best shot? This is a great game to play to work on your aim.


Tennis With the Feet

In this game, all players discard their racquets and find a soccer ball. What? Yes, I said soccer ball. Set-up so that there are an even number of players on each side of the net, and now, you play soccer. The key is to only let the ball bounce three times before getting it over the net. You can pass the ball to other players (with your feet), but once the ball has bounced twice you only get one more bounce before the ball needs to be over the net and with the other team.


Good luck and have fun!!

Written by Michelle Gean

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