What are the Rules of the Tennis Game

What are the Rules of the Tennis Game


Rules of the Game of Tennis

Your friend has been asking you to join her for a game of tennis. You’re nervous. You don’t know the rules of tennis. How would we play if I don’t know how to play? Here are the basic rules to know before you play a pick-up game.


Tennis Singles vs Doubles

Besides the difference of the number of people playing 1 versus 1 (singles) and 2 versus 2 (doubles), there are also court differences. When you play doubles, you use the entire court. When you play singles, you play without the alleys on the side of the court. Therefore, when you play singles your court is skinnier.


Inside the lines

There are two major rules when it comes to the lines. The first is that your serve must land in the small box close to the net which is diagonal from you. The next set of lines are the ones I mentioned earlier. The ball must land inside the court, and whether you are playing singles or doubles, the lines are a little different.


Two Tries to Serve

You get two tries to get your serve over the net and into the box. If you miss the first shot, you get to try one more time. Generally, the second serve from your opponent will be softer. So, you should anticipate an easier get.


One bounce

The ball can only bounce once. After the first bounce, you must hit the ball or your opponent wins the point.


Start on the Right

When you start serving, you start on the right side of the court. With each serve, you move to the other side. For example, you start on the right and your second serve will be on the left.

Written by Michelle Gean

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