The Fastest Soccer Goals Ever Recorded

The Fastest Soccer Goals Ever Recorded

Soccer: The Fastest Goals Ever Recorded


Even though I already have another article on some of the world records held in the game of soccer, I thought I would expand a bit more and tell you some of the fastest goals ever recorded, which can really leave you in awe—and even scratching your head.


At the MCG, Diego Souza landed a goal within just the first 13 seconds of the game, which was host to over 50,000 fans.


Saudi Arabian international player Nawaf Al Abed saw also one of the fastest goals scored in history, who nailed one straight from the kick off. Whether it was planned that way or not, who knows—but sometimes it pays to take chances.


Another goal straight from the kickoff, Maryhill in the Scottish first division Super League saw a kick-off goal from Gavin Stokes, who tried to nail one straight from the get-go and catch the keeper out of position.


Back in 1995, Damian Mori scored a goal just after 3.69 seconds after the first whistle blew, which made it a world record when playing for Adelaide United. The game was for the NSL and was against Sydney United.


Taking it internationally, the fastest goal was scored in just 9 seconds by Lukas Podolski. The German player slotted the goal in after having beat the Ecuadorian defense, who simply just weren't ready shortly after kick-off.


The fastest recorded goal in MLS history took only seven-seconds by Mike Grella back in 2013, which was then followed by another goal less than three minutes later.


Tim Cahill tried to match Grella’s record but fell behind by three-seconds, issuing a goal within the first ten-seconds of the match with a fantastic volley.


Now for the world stage, Christian Benteke decided to show up in a qualifying match—within the first 7.5 seconds. Playing for Belgium against Gibraltar, Benteke goes on to intercept a couple of back passes off of the kickoff to deliver the goal after beating one defender. Belgium went on to defeat Gibraltar 6-0.


Also playing off the defending opponent’s sloppy play, Roy Makaay for Bayern delivered that quick slot in after his teammate intercepted the pass and sent him in 1v1 with the keeper in a Bayern Munich v Real Madrid match-up back in 2007.


Another completely unbelievable statistic is that of Southampton goalkeeper Asmir Begovic, who scored one of the fastest goals in history in just 13 seconds. With just a simple pass back from his teammates, he launched the ball out in the opposite direction. With a little help from the wind and a bounce, the ball goes in.


After timing out his defense and almost toppling over the goalie, Brazilian sensation Neymar goes on to score in just 14 seconds—making it the quickest-ever goal in Olympic history.

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