The Top Three Soccer Dribbling Drills

The Top Three Soccer Dribbling Drills

Soccer: The Top Three Dribbling Drills


Looking to become the up-and-coming Messi of your generation? It’s all about the footwork. Here are a few drills that you can train with that will help you get past your defenders and catapult your career.


  1. Go Freestyle: The best part about soccer is the fact that you can be as spontaneous and creative as you can be. There are no strict rules in soccer—you don’t have to get three passes before you score or can only use one part of your foot and the game doesn't stop every two minutes. There is a flow and creativity—and that’s your secret weapon. If you want to train your creativity on the field you have to do so with drills that you comfortable on the ball and perform as many freestyle soccer drills as possible. Being as creative as you can, use these drills to help you learn how to get out of tight spaces, go in different directions, and being able to experiment enough that you find that comfort with a ball at your feet. The best way to really learn these drills is to do them and practice them under pressure. Once you've got the hang of them, you can then move on to practicing them with an opponent. Because if you can’t do the drills under pressure, you won’t be able to perform them very well in a game.


  1. Change Up Your Pace: If you perform a move and then move along at the same speed, regardless if you have befuddled your defender—they can easily catch up with you after the move. Right after you make your move, it’s extremely important that you then make sure that the defender is left behind—eating your dust. Acceleration right after you perform the move ensures that you can put as much distance between you and the defender as possible, which can get you or your team much closer to the goal. Being able to be comfortable with both feet is also extremely helpful in this scenario so that no matter where the ball ends up going after you make your move, you'll be ready with that first, quick and powerful step.


  1. Don’t Just Go Forward: If you're a fast player, it’s probably in your best interest to always beat your opponent with your speed—and there’s nothing wrong with it—except that it’s predictable. However, if you take your moves laterally, exploding off your plant foot, you make your moves and dribbling much less predictable. Being able to pull a lateral move off can help you increase the creativity in your game, making you a better player overall.

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