The Winding Road to Becoming a Competitive Swimmer

The Winding Road to Becoming a Competitive Swimmer

The Winding Road to Becoming a Competitive Swimmer

 The Winding Road to Becoming a Competitive Swimmer - Ohio Fitness Garage

My journey didn’t happen overnight. It was one of intentional choice and passion. I grew up practicing many sports. I would go to school, and then, like many other kids my age, I would be shuttled from one activity to the other. Tuesdays were gymnastics, Thursdays were soccer, Mondays I would swim, and Saturdays I would sew. In the winter, I would play the violin, and in the summer, I would swim. It was hard to keep everything straight. I even remember being told I couldn’t join a swim team because I wasn´t good enough. That didn’t stop me.


Finally, as I advanced in sports, I had to make decisions. The commitment for each sport was growing exponentially, and there was no way I could keep up with each one. I was forced to rationalize my choices.


I eliminated a couple sports for trivial reasons: the coach is mean, I’m allergic to the grass, etc. It was at that moment that I transitioned from Summer League swimming to Year-around Swimming. I was getting competitive in the sport, and I wanted to learn more.


Instead of practicing in the summer time, I was now going to the pool every day. As I improved, I advanced to the next level. I was competing in swim competitions across the nation. Before I knew it, I was practicing and competing at a national level. All of a sudden, I was considering swimming in college.


My choices stemmed from my passion to learn more and compete at the next level. The progression happened organically, but it didn’t happen over night. This journey is one that positively impacted my life and helped me grow as a person in and out of the pool.




Written by Michelle Gean

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