Three Great Soccer Role Models For Your Child to Follow

Three Great Soccer Role Models For Your Child to Follow

Three Great Top Soccer Role Models For Your Child to Follow

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In our society today, there are so many people placed on a pedestal that simply, shouldn't be there because of their character or the way they run their life. However, especially if your child is spiking with a peak interest in soccer, there might be a few role models up to your standard that you should consider buying a poster of to plaster on their wall.


Although there are SO MANY, here are three classics:


Mia Hamm United States striker, Active 1987 – 2004


You want a role model who not only had advancements on the field but off it, as well. Especially if you're raising a little girl, Mia Hamm is a great player to look up to. She is one of the most successful and decorated women soccer players (and players of all time). She is an icon of the game.


Some of her achievements include:


  • Has 275 international caps (games) for the USA have ranked as the 3rd highest accumulation in the history of soccer—even amongst the men
  • Scored 158 international goals, which is now the second highest of all time
  • Her FIFA Women's Player of the Year in 2001 and 2002 award, which is groundbreaking, since it was the first two years of the award’s existence for females
  • One of the two female players on the FIFA 100, which is a list of the 125 greatest living soccer players
  • Two Women's World Cup Championships in 1991 and 1999
  • Two Olympic Gold Medals in 1996 and 2004


David Beckham Manchester United, Real Madrid, Paris Saint Germain and England midfielder, Active 1992-2013


The iconic Beckham is not only known for his underwear commercials, he is a very decorated player who has his heart in the right place, with his achievements not only on the field but off it— especially putting family first, being a stay-at-home dad to his three kids.


Some of his achievements:


  • England's most capped player of all time with 115 games
  • First British player to star in 100 Champions League games
  • Was England Captain for six years
  • Helped secure the Olympics for London 2012
  • Is a UNICEF ambassador and a patron of the Elton John AIDS Foundation


Pelé Santos, New York Cosmos, Brazil striker, Active 1956-1977


“O Rei”, the King, was a Brazilian legend. He is still down in the Guinness Book of World Records with the most career goals scored in soccer of all time.


Beginning his career at such a young age, he started playing for Santos at 15 and with the Brazilian National Team at 16.


Some of his achievements include:


  • Most successful league goal scorer in the world at 541 goals
  • 1,281 goals in 1,363 games
  • Is a national treasure, having been declared one in 1961 by the Brazilian President
  • Three World Cup Championships in 1958, 1962 and 1970
  • Leading goalscorer for Brazil with 77 goals in 92 games
  • Record goalscorer for Santos


These three players achieved something amazing and they are wonderful personas for your child to look up to in the soccer world.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.


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