Three Reasons to Try Tennis Today

Three Reasons to Try Tennis Today

Three Reasons to Try Tennis Today

You want to try a new sport, but you aren’t sure what to get into next. Stop by your local tennis courts to check out the game. You won’t regret it.



Tennis is a social sport. Not only do you get to play with a team and sometimes a partner, but you also get to socialize with them too. Good communication on the court translates into a good game. So, it is no wonder that this sport hinges on social integration between teammates and other teams. It is more often than not that the teams go out to lunch or dinner after long matches. Tennis is fun. It is social, and the way to win is to work as a team.


Flex the Fast Twitch Muscles

In tennis, you are constantly sprinting, stopping, and starting again. You have to be fast to anticipate and hit the ball each time. The sport fosters fast twitch muscles, and perfects the brain muscle connection. The faster you are, the moire likely you will hit the ball. The sport is all kinds of awesome for your legs.



Last but not least, tennis is great exercise. You can sweat out a hard day and get fit with this sport. Built off sprinting, there is no doubt that you will be exhausted after a day on the court.


Written by Michelle Gean

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