Top 5 Women's Soccer Colleges

Soccer: Women’s Soccer Top Five Colleges

Especially if you're from the states, getting a collegiate scholarship because of soccer can open so many doors and opportunities for you. Especially if you're not sure if you have a means to go to college—soccer can be that means to an end. If you want to go pro, I suggest you first get your degree. You never know when an unfortunate career-ending injury is around the corner.


If you want to aim high, here are the top five ranking women’s soccer teams based on the athletic success of the soccer program combined with the quality of the school and how successful the players do academically.


  1. UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA: Located in Washington D.C., this college has just over 200 million dollars in research grants and can get you a scholarship, as well. The Coach here is Steve Swanson and has been in the head position Cavaliers for 16 years. With 26 years of head coaching experience and 21 NCAA tournament appearances, he also has an ACC regular-season title under his belt.


  1. STANFORD UNIVERSITY: In California, Coach Paul Ratcliffe has led the most successful soccer team in history. With three NCAA finals in the books, one national championship and several College Cup appearances—six in the last eight years—this school is fifth in the nation for soccer. The school has a high ethnic diversity for its students and has an average starting salary for its students out of college of $54,000.


  1. RICE UNIVERSITY: Coach Nicky Adams has won the Conference USA regular-season title. Not only are they successful on the field, they've also had the best team GPA in the entire country. This team represents a diverse private university located in Texas.


  1. TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY: The extremely large campus (everything is bigger in Texas) spans out over 5,500 acres. Coach Guerrieri has been head of the Texas A&M soccer in all of history. However, whatever he’s doing is working, since the Aggies have played in every NCAA Tournament in the last 21 years.


  1. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA-LOS ANGELES: Former UCF coach Amanda Cromwell, named Soccer America’s Coach of the Year, has been at UCLA since 2013. Right after the transfer as head coach and the move to California, she got the team to the National Championship.


Although you don't have to go to the best colleges in the country to play collegiate soccer, these are the top 5 schools in the nation for soccer. It’s always great to aim high and have goals.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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