Type of Sports Shoe for You: Words from A Podiatrist

Type of Shoe for You: Words from A Podiatrist


Navigating a shoe store can be down-right intimidating. Literally,  hundreds of shoes line the walls with small descriptors ¨cross-training,¨ ¨triathlon,¨ ¨tennis shoes,¨ but how do you know when you’ve really found the ¨right¨ one for you, especially when you are looking for a specific shoe. Let me help you cut down on the time you spend looking for the right soccer shoe, by sharing a couple best practices (from a podiatrist).


Avoid the curve: One of the major pitfalls of the shoe industry is their focus on selling shoes rather than making a quality shoe. I have entered a shoe store several times after a quality shoe, but what is a quality shoe? Well, it is one that avoids the curve. What does that mean? If you place a straight edge next to the outer edge of a shoe, the shoe should not curve inwards. It should adhere as close as possible to the straight edge. This is better for your feet.


Arch or no arch: The other question I have after immediately entering a shoe store is arch or no arch. The best solution for your feet would be a flat shoe with a custom-made insert. This option can be pricey, but in reality, it is the best thing you can do for your feet.


Small points or big: Finally, the next question is whether you want small points on the bottom of your shoe or large points. This depends on the type of field you will be playing on. On a hard field (artificial grass), you use shorter points, and on a softer field (real grass), you would want to use longer points,



Let your feet run onward, happily.


Written by Michelle Gean

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