Hitting off the tee: Walk Up Tee Drill Baseball

Hitting off the tee: Walk Up Tee Drill Baseball



First Step - Ohio Fitness Garage

 Baseball Walk-Up Swing

For this drill, you’re going to need a tee, a bucket of balls, and enough space to hit -- so this drill would be best done on a field.


In your normal batting stance, start off about two to three feet away from the tee and begin a slow walk-up towards the tee. Your walk-up will start with your back foot behind your front, and then follow through with your front foot.


Complete your swing and reset the tee for a single repetition. You can do this drill however many times you’d like, and it can be done multiple times per week.


The Purpose


Hitting for consistency and spotting the ball on the field will always be beneficial. But putting some “pop” on the ball every time you hit is invaluable. This walk-up movement forces the core of your body; abdomen, hips, upper legs, etc. to work in-sync before following through with your swing.


This drill is also a teaching lesson for players who swing with mostly their arms, don’t rotate their hips enough, don’t stride to the ball, and more.


The Results


Trying to get your exit velocity up? Crossing your back foot behind your front and striding towards the ball teaches explosiveness and maximizing the power of your swing. Being conscious of how your body moves when up at the plate can lead to more refined hitting mechanics, and can help you get out of that slump quicker.












Written by: Devin Pickell

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