What every Parent should know before putting their kid in swimming

What every Parent should know before putting their kid in swimming

What every Parent should know before putting their kid in swimming

 What every Parent should know before putting their kid in swimming - Ohio Fitness Garage

There are different levels of swimming

When enrolling your child or yourself into swimming, note that there are many different leagues and levels. Be aware of your options and note the prerequisites. Generally, swimming breaks down into 4 groups: private lessons, group lessons (at your local pool), summer leagues, and year-around competitive swimming. Learn about the commitments and competitions that come with each level before you sign-up.


Find a reputable and trustworthy coach

A coach can be passionate at what they do or not so much. The coach is a key player in instilling passion and ability in your child. For safety reasons, it helps to know if the coach is CPR certified as well as how serious they are about the sport. It is helpful to know what their emergency procedures are and if there is a lifeguard on duty during the entire practice. Knowing a little about the coach´s swimming background can be helpful when determining what you want to get out of your lessons or league swimming. Know before you go.


They may hate it

Swimming isn’t the sport for everyone. As your child navigates many different sports, keep in mind that it may not be for him/her. It might be the worst thing they have ever done, and that is ok. Be open to your child navigating their own likes and dislikes when it comes to their hobbies.


There will be early mornings

When enrolling in a league or year-around team, early mornings are inevitable whether you are driving to a practice or a competition. If your team uses a community pool, there are sparse pickings as to what time you can practice.  If you aren’t a morning person, maybe after falling in love with the sport you will become one.


Swimming comes with its own language

Swimming has a language of its own. Whether you are describing a practice or a competitive race, you will start to speak a language consumed with fifties, hundreds, no breathers, kicking, descending, and all-out negative split. Over time, the language becomes natural.


Sometimes you will invest just as much as your child

There will be times that you will invest time, resources, and energy into the sport. Whether you are driving to a meet, practice, or consoling them emotionally. The sport comes with many lessons for both you and your child.


Whether they stick to it or quit, your child will have a new relationship with water

Whether your child learns to swim to partake in a friend’s pool party or to become competitive, your child will have a new relationship with water, being able to swim without fear.


Written by Michelle Gean

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