What is ODP Soccer

What is ODP Soccer

What is ODP Soccer


If you're looking to improve your soccer-playing child’s chances of getting into a high college soccer program or get into the elite national team selection, then you should look into ODP.


ODP, which stands for Olympic Development Program, is an organized program that allows everyone who adheres to a certain age group to have an equal opportunity of displaying their skills and talents to prestigious coaches.


Since 1977, there have been open tryouts for over 100,000 players from ages 13 to 18 every year that compete for viable spots on state teams and regional teams that play against each other.


This U.S. Youth Soccer ODP identifies players on a state, region and national basis and helps develop them through the program.


Ultimately, by signing your child up for ODP, you are giving them the opportunity to be able to be selected for the United States National Team in the future, since most of their players have gone through this process, are found from the program and have been hand-selected.


The Goals


Some opportunities that are found through ODP are giving your child the opportunity to participate in high-level training and enhance their playing skills and tactics through extremely important years in their development and careers. This is because, during these years, most players are also looked at for scholarships and gaining entry into college through playing on university soccer teams.


The Involved


Any soccer player is able to compete and be considered in the program through the watchful eye and criticism of licensed coaches who are focused on development not only individually but also of the program. They normally follow a set curriculum for the tryouts and throughout the program that has been approved nationally and used nationwide in all states and regions. They are also picked because of their pristine ability to recognize the ability and superior skills of certain players. In certain states, you can also be invited to the open tryout, which increases your child’s chance of getting on the team.


A player plays and will participate in tryouts according to their age and birthday. If a state so wishes and there are multiple players looking to play and are good enough to be chosen, to pick players for an “A” and for a “B” team.


If your kid decides to try out for the program, they will be judged based on these four components:


  • Technique
  • Tactics
  • Fitness and Athletic Ability
  • Psychological component (attitude)


What Happens Once Selected:


These selected players will participate in exhibition matches, invitational tournaments, sub-regional camps, and regional camps where the nation is divided into four regions and the regions then compete against one another once the teams are selected.


The Benefits


  • Player Development: Playing at the highest level for their age group against the most talented players selected among the rest.
  • Coached on a Personal and Team Level: From nationally licensed coaches, a player can receive help and training that they wouldn't get elsewhere.
  • High Level of Competition: Not only will players be playing against high-quality players of their own age group but also will be a part of a team playing against equally skilled or higher teams.
  • Exposure to High Influence: Being in ODP looks good on the Player Profile (CV) and will also help your child’s chances of evolving as a player and making high-level teams in the future (college and national team)
  • Traveling and Representing: It is an honor and privilege to represent your state, region, and nation.


Written By: Adriana Rodrigues is a professional soccer player and a coach. She has over twenty years of experience in soccer after having played in a Division 1 University and has represented two national teams, both Brazil and Portugal.

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