What you need to bring - Volleyball

What you need to bring - Volleyball

What you need to bring


Whether it is your first volleyball game or your millionth, there are a couple of pieces of equipment that you cannot play without having. Make sure you don’t leave your house without them.



You can’t go very far if you don’t have a ball. Make sure you grab your ball before you head out of the door.


Though you can do some practices alone, it is hard being on both sides of the net at once. Grab a partner to play with to you. 2, 4, 6 or 8 any even number will work.



Though it isn’t necessary for an informal game, it adds an extra challenge and makes your game much more official if you have one. Your local school or park may have a public volleyball court you can use.


Though you could make it through a game without lines, lines help ease the small disputes between players while setting boundaries for the match (pun intended). Someone can quickly draw the lines in with his or her foot (if it is sand) or mark the corners with some objects. Set-up your lines and you are ready to play.


Technically, you don’t need to know anything about the game to play your first game but learn how to hit, set, and spike, and you are ahead of the curve. These are the three ways you will be hitting the ball (legally)-



Written by Michelle Gean

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