When to Start Swimming

When to Start Swimming

When to Start Swimming

 When to Start Swimming - Ohio Fitness Garage

When can my child start swimming? It´s a common question with a simple answer: the sooner the better. Of course, you won’t expect your kids to be swimming competitively the second they are out of the womb. However, there is no harm in exposing them to water as early as 10 months. At this age, they will need to be accompanied and assisted by an adult. That being said, it is also never too late to learn how to swim. Whether you’ve never learned or you want to perfect your technique, there are several options out there for not only kids but also adults.


In terms of competitive swimming, I have seen kids as young as 4 years old dive in and swim across the pool. Competitive leagues vary, but generally, Summer Leagues accept all different ages. Summer leagues are the perfect place to test your child’s skills and enjoyment of the competitive swimming arena. Once summer league captivates your young swimmer, the most natural progression is to enroll in a year-around program. You can find the swim clubs in your area by going to USA swimming. USA Swimming is the National governing body for swimming in the United States. Their website hosts a plethora of news and information about the sport as well as ways you can participate.


Swimming is enjoyed by all ages, it is never too late or too early to get your feet wet. Get out of the heat, and jump into something new this summer.



Written by Michelle Gean


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