Youth Football: Coaching Quarterbacks 101 Part Two: Character Building

Youth Football: Coaching Quarterbacks 101 Part Two: Character Building



Youth Football: Coaching Quarterbacks 101 Part Two: Character Building

Before getting into specifics, here is a passage from Bear Bryant in his book Building a Championship Football Team:


Football, in its rightful place, can be one of the most wholesome, exciting and valuable activities in which our youth can possibly participate. It is the only sport I know of that teaches boys to have complete control of themselves, to observe the rules of the game, regarding the rights of others and stay within bounds dictated by decency and sportsmanship. The most advantageous and serviceable lesson that we can derive from football is the intrinsic value of winning. We are in a position to teach these boys intrinsic values that cannot be learned at home, church, school or any place outside of the athletic field. Briefly, these intangible attributes are as follows: (1) Discipline, sacrifice, work, fight and teamwork; (2) to learn how to take your “licks” and yet fight back; (3) to be so tired you think you are going to die, but instead of quitting you learn to win the game; and (5) you learn to believe in yourself because you know how to rise to the occasion, and you will do it! The last trait is the most important one.”


These words by Coach Bryant speak in light of just how football builds character at a young age. As with all of your players, quarterback especially demands character. To help develop character, you as a coach need to realize that football isn’t the only venue for building character building and that there are other avenues where your kids can get this advancement. You are not the only person investing time into these kids, sure, you are spending hours on end with them but it’s important to realize that building their character isn’t just spending time with them. It’s what you do in this time that makes the difference and builds character. Not every kid can be the fastest, strongest or most athletic but learning the means of hard work and commitment can be developed and surpass those not involved in athletics. These means of hard work and commitment are especially necessary for the quarterback. If the quarterback has these traits, it can be seen by the entire team and reflected back into your hole team. Other players will pay especially close to the quarterback to see how he goes about his business, so it’s important for him to be of high character.


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By: Matt Kerns

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