How to create an effective offensive youth football game plan (1-2)

How to create an effective offensive youth football game plan (1-2)


Youth Football: Setting up the game plan (1-2)



With so many different options out there to choose from for your offense, it can be difficult to select precisely what offense you want to run for your team. These two sections will help you decipher what strategy and scheme you should install from the beginning. It’s important that you be consistent with what you do on a week to week basis. Of course, you will make changes from week to week and tweak things but major changes and those that impact terminology should be minimized if possible. Consistency is vital on offense, without it, your kids won’t feel trusting of the offense and their ability to understand and comprehend what is expected of them.


Some youth teams and leagues that feed into one high school will all run the same offensive attack, where formations, numbering, and plays are all identical. If this applies to you, you probably have a general idea of what you will be implementing from a system approach. However, there are still nuances you can pick up from in these following tips.


One of the most important parts of building a consistent offense is building a dominant running game. Though the current game of football is progressing into that of a pass first oriented sport, the theory of passing complementary to the run still fully applies. In order to pass, you first must run. To establish a dominant running game, you must again be consistent. Whether it’s a dive or blast series, counter, draws, off-tackle, or whatever else, you must find a bread and butter play that compliments those skills of your offensive line and the ability of your running backs.


Even if you like the idea of implementing multiple running plays to your attack, consider the fact that for each play you must be able to teach your lineman a new blocking scheme for each play you insert. You can always run the same play from different formations and personnel groupings, but an entirely new running play will demand an entirely new blocking technique for each lineman. Developing your base run play will lead to consistency by all 11 players. But it will also help you set up a designed pass play off of this.


When it comes the passing game, it’s key for your offense to have a few designed pass plays. What’s a designed pass play? Well, just as it sounds a play you specifically designed that everyone know what their responsibility is on offense. From the lineman to the receivers to the backs, everyone must knows their assignment. Make it as easy as possible for each player to pick up their queue. While any good offense must be able to run the ball at will on their opponents, any championship offense must have consistency through the air. While you don’t need to rely on your passing games to win you games, it’s the appearance of a passing game that will get you by. Your passing game must serve as a decoy to the run at times to mix things up and keep the defense off their toes.


By: Matt Kerns

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