5 Tips for Developing and Strengthening Your Forearms and Grip Strength

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5 Tips for Developing and Strengthening Your Forearms and Grip Strength

There are many different exercises and routines to help work on just about every part of the body as well as special equipment for each muscle group too. Sometimes all of this can be a little overwhelming and make it difficult to know where to start. If you are looking to build up your forearm strength or your grip strength here are a few tips to aid you in your quest.

  1. Vary Your Push-Up Routine

Many types of push-ups usually work on the muscles in your chest, upper arms, abdomen, and the front of your shoulders. Try tweaking the way you do your push-ups as well as the form that you are using. For example, try balancing on your knuckles and doing push-ups while putting your weight on your knuckles, this may engage the muscles in your forearms more than regular push-ups. You might also want to try balancing on ball weights and doing push-ups while holding your weight on top of the ball weight, this may be easier if your knuckles are sore or cause you pain.

  1. Do Different Pull-Ups

While doing normal pull-ups is important, switching up the form and type of pull-up you do could add variety to your routine and engage other muscles. You can try doing some of your pull-ups from a rope instead of the bar that you are used to. This may help to work the muscles in your forearms a little more than ordinary pull-ups because of the angle of the rope and the angle of your wrists. These may be a little bit more difficult than your normal pull-ups because it will likely work different muscles.

  1. Focus on Grip Strengthening Exercises

If you are looking to build your forearm strength, then working on grip strengthening exercises will most likely play an important role. Your grip strength often depends heavily on the strength of your forearms and vice versa. So you might want to try a hand gripper tool if you haven’t already; these can come in many different resistance levels, the higher the resistance the harder they are to squeeze.

Once you have one of these there are numerous exercises that you can use it for. When you have found a good resistance level that is hard but not too difficult you might try other ways of using it besides simple squeezing and letting go. You might try using it upside down or using a reverse squeeze, this could aid in working your muscles in your forearm in a different way. You can also try to squeeze and hold for a few seconds, then release slowly. Another way you could use this tool may be to try using only a few fingers at a time instead of your entire hand, this might help strengthen your fingertip grip strength.

  1. Rotate Between High Reps and High Tension

If you are using a gripping tool, you may not want to just use it at one resistance. You can use it at a lower resistance and go for a high number of reps, or you can also use it at a more difficult resistance level and go for a low amount of reps. One thing you might also want to try is rotating back and forth from high reps at low resistance to low reps with high resistance. Doing this can help you build up grip strength quicker as well as increase your forearm strength.

  1. Keep Training While You’re at Home or Work

Just because you left the gym doesn’t mean you can’t continue to work on your grip strength, gripper tools are often small and portable. That means that you can use them while in the office at work or even while sitting on the couch at home while watching a movie. It is up to you how much or how little you use a gripper tool, but the more you work the muscles in the proper manner the stronger they will get.

At the End of the Day

Whatever your reason is for wanting to build strength in your forearms or increase their mass, try and remember not to over complicate the process for yourself. When you are working out or going through your exercise routine, keep in mind which specific exercises you might be able to tweak a little bit to shift the focus to the muscles of your forearms. Remember that your grip strength relates closely to the strength of the muscles of your forearms. So if one of your primary goals is to increase the strength of your forearms the working on your grip strength is probably a good way to help you reach your goal.

On another note, you will most likely always want to pay close attention to safety anytime you are changing any exercise you do even if the change is minor. When you are using any grip workout tools or exercising always follow the safety guidelines included with the tools. If you do feel any twinges of pain it may be a good idea to stop and check with your doctor before continuing to avoid injury.  


Written by: Joe Fleming

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