8 Best Concert Quality Headphones for Working Out

8 Best Concert Quality Headphones for Working Out

Top High-End Sound Quality Headphones


Headphones are one of the most essential accessories, used not only for music but also for daily tasks and jobs. Finding a pair is not that hard, but finding a great quality one is a challenge, you can also do a research to get some ideas. Frankly, it is better to invest in headphones that can last you for years and can deliver the best sound quality that you will ever hear. If you are someone with a budget ranging from 500 to 5,000 dollars, you have come to the right place. Here are the top high-end headphones options that you can buy.


  1. Meze Audio Empyrean

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Category: Open Back Hybrid

Pros: Has a powerful audio quality, comfortable to wear

Con: Design is not for all users


The Meze Audio Empyrean is one of the best headphones in the market. It uses isodynamic hybrid drivers that produces an exact detailed sound that the listener will feel as engaging and warm. Made by a Romanian company, the Empyrean has a unique aesthetic effect that can be a hit or miss for audiophiles. But, the quality, affordability, and surprising comfort makes the Empyrean a real winner.


  1. Focal Utopia

Sensitivity: 104 dB

Category: Open Back Dynamic

Pro: Supreme sound quality

Con: Quite pricey


In terms of sound quality, the Focal Utopia has the highest one in the market. It delivers a sound that is both open and rich, and it has an impressively high sensitivity, which means it can be managed by amps. It offers a futuristic design, which can be considered a bonus if you love sci-fi. The Focal Utopia provides the best clarity, and it is more comfortable compared to other models on the market. Focal Utopia has been part of top lists by industry experts and is believed to stay at the top for the foreseeable future.


  1. ZMF Aeolus

Sensitivity: Unknown

Category: Open Back Dynamic

Pro: Affordable with energy and realism

Con: Has a long waiting list


In the headphones industry, Zach Mehrbach is considered a rockstar. He is an essential engineer in the trade, and his creations are favored by many audiophiles. This brand enjoys making their fans wait because each pair is made by hand, and the process can take a very long time. Custom-made from rare woods, ZMF can create your headphones from Sapele wood or any type of wood that you desire. When you buy a pair from ZMF, it gives a feeling that they are meant to be treasured and passed on, which is something that you will not usually experience from other types of equipment.


  1. Campfire Audio Cascade

Sensitivity: 100 dB

Category: Closed Back Dynamic

Pro: Lightweight

Con: Not for people who want reference-grade sound


Though the company is known for its excellent quality in-ear headphones, this over-ear model is just as outstanding as the others. If you are looking for engaging sound, you can get it from the Campfire Audio Cascade. Another great thing is that you can wear it for extended periods without having to sacrifice comfort. The sound it produces is rich and warm while offering an excellent bass quality. If you are looking for true reference, this might not be the perfect pick, but if you are looking for more energy, this is the right match. With the slim frame and easy power specs, the Campfire Audio Cascade is definitely something you can carry on the go.


  1. Noble Audio Khan

Sensitivity: 104 dB

Category: In-Ear Multiple Driver Type

Pro: Produces rich sound

Con: Lack of extra specs


The Khan is produced from Noble Audio's remodeling of the Katana. One of the best in-ears you can ever buy, they offer a perfect harmony between deep bass and crisp highs, plus the definition and clarity people are looking for. Unlike other in-ear models, the Khan has multiple drivers, which combines piezo-electric, dynamic, and balanced armature. Something that you should take note, though, is it is on the expensive side, but it is very much worth the investment.


  1. Meze Audio 99 Classics

Sensitivity: 103 dB

Category: Closed Back Dynamic

Pro: Perfect mid-range headphones

Con: Not for high-demanding sound enthusiasts


This beautiful aesthetically pleasing model 99 Classics is the second Meze Audio masterpiece on our list. Antonio Meze has created one of the most attractive audio accessories ever. This beauty is equipped with wooden earcups with a surprising fit, finish, and detail. The 99 Classics are unique and are cheaper than some other mass-market models. You might not encounter another seller the same amount of value for this asking price.


  1. Campfire Audio Solaris

Sensitivity: 115 dB

Category: In-Ear Multiple Driver Type

Pro: Noticeable sound improvement

Con: Does not have much to offer in terms of looks


In the Solaris, Campfire Audio has proven that there is a reason why they are so famous in the audio industry. The Solaris is a multi-driver in-ear headphones model that is a mixture of both balanced and dynamic drivers for a sound that is not just fun but also revealing. These in-ears are extremely sensitive, so they must be partnered with an amp that can drive them. While they do not have any sub-bass power, this model is still one of the best sounding and impressive for its price range.


  1. Sennheiser HD600

Sensitivity: 97 dB

Category: Open Back Dynamic

Pro: Brand has stood the test of time

Con: Needs a great amp to drive


This pair of Sennheiser has been out in the market for two decades, and surely, they will not stay in the market if they are not one of the best. HD600s are as fantastic today as they were 20 years ago. Even at present, this model is a favorite of many audio lovers, because, in simple terms, they sound amazing. There might be newer technologies ahead of them, but nothing beats the classic.


Before You Go

This list was very hard to compile because there are so many excellent quality brands and models available. To create this list, sound quality, durability, price, and aesthetics were all considered. These eight headphones mentioned above survived with flying colors. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite (or two) and get yourself some new cans now!



Written By Lydia Lee

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