A Brief Biography Of Strongman Brian Shaw

A Brief Biography Of Strongman Brian Shaw

Brian Shaw, nicknamed Gigantor, stands at an impressive 6’8” and is the first man to have won both the Arnold Strongman Classic competition and World’s Strongest Man contest in the same year. This is a feat he was able to do twice in 2011 and 2015.

Early Life

Born in Fort Lupton, Colorado, Shaw comes from a family that is taller than average, but neither of his parents came close to his height. His extraordinary height helped him excel in basketball which he played in high school and received a full scholarship for to Black Hills State University. While at university, he received a degree in wellness management.

While basketball was a large part of his life, weightlifting was something he was passionate about. He has stated that the weight room became his sanctuary. Shaw was not only tall, but he was also naturally strong allowing him to lift some of the heaviest weights.

Starting Career

Shaw started his strongman career in 2005 as an unknown who entered the Denver Strongest Man competition. He had no formal training which placed him at a disadvantage. He did not allow this to hinder him and continued to train before landing in the professional ranks in 2006.

By 2009, he was able to enter Fortissimus where he came third. While he did not win, it was an impressive showing as he was the only competitor able to lift 6 Atlas stones. In the same year, he entered the World Strongman Super Series and the World’s Strongest Man content. At his second appearance in the contest, he was placed in the group of death.

Competing in the same group was Zydrunas Savickas who would win the contest that year. He would also beat Shaw in the group, but only by a slim margin of 2 points. Shaw made it to the final that year where he won a podium position.

From Strength To Strength

Shaw would face Savickas again the next year at the 2010 World’s Strongest Man competition. During the final, the two contestants were tied, but Shaw lost by countback. The second meeting of these two strongmen in 20100 took place at the Giants Live content where Shaw would again lose out. Coming second was not to remain the trend as Shaw won the inaugural Jon Pail Sigmarsson Classic. He would also go on to win the Super Series.

In 2011, Shaw and Savickas would face each other in the World’s Strongest Man competition final again. This time would end differently with Shaw taking first place after the final event, the Atlas Stones. The pair would meet again in 2013 where Savickas would beat Shaw to first place.

In 2015 and 2016, Shaw would win the World’s Strongest Man competition. In 2015, he would also win the Arnold Strongman classic. This would be the second time he won both competitions in the same calendar year.

In 2018, Shaw placed second in the Arnold Strongman Classic and the World’s Ultimate Strongman competition. In both competitions, he lost to Hafthor Bjornsson by slim margins.

Brian Shaw is an American strongman and the first to win both the Arnold Strongman Classic and the World’s Strongest Man competition in the same year. He was gone from strength to strength over the years and is still one of the top competitors.

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