Bench Errors that Lead me to a Rotator Cuff Injury

Bench Errors that Lead me to a Rotator Cuff Injury

How I injured my rotator cuff. 

Years ago, when I was benching, I got a slight strain on my right deltoid.  I pushed through the pain for a month; then this strain became super painful.  After that, I continued to work out with only pulling exercises.  Eventually, the pain subsided so I started benching again.  Then the same thing happened to my left deltoid.  Below I am going to talk about what caused this injury and what could have been done to prevent it.

  1. I Didn’t Warm Up – Warming up will increase the blood flow in the target body part, will loosen up stiff joints and muscles, and it can minimize injuries. I like to warm up with a 20 set rep then work my way up to my target weight. A warmup exercise that I like to use, first I open my arm, then touch one hand to my opposing deltoid, and the other hand on my lats.  Finally, I change positions and repeat. It is like a bear hug jumping jacks without jumping.
  2. Elbows were at a 90 degree Angle – When benching the elbows should be at about a seventy-five-degree This will prevent adding extra stress on the rotator cuff (a minor muscle in the shoulders that is attached to the clavicle, humorous, scapula).  
  3. I Did Not Listen to my Body – When the first strain happened I did not back off my intensity and go into rehab mode. I continued to overstrain this body part 2 times per week until it became unbearable.
  4. Overtraining - My workout consisted of one day I would work out bench then the next day I would do a shoulder press. I did not implement a push-pull body part training split.

It took me years and a lot of coins to recover from this injury.  I should have followed the 4 steps above, but I let my ego get to me. 

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