Deck of Cards Push Up Workout

Deck of Cards Push Up Workout

Deck of Cards Workout - Ohio Fitness Garage


Deck of Cards Push Up Workout

Calisthenic workouts are great for toning the body.   If you lack the ability to build your own workout there are many options available.  You can use tools like Swole Dice to determine your workout with a roll of the dice.  Or you can do this simple card workout that I will explain below.


This workout was taught to me by my uncle. He learned how to do this when he was in prison.  All you need is a deck of cards. It is a very simple workout with simple rules.

  1. Get a deck of cards
  2. Each number face value will equal how many pushups you will do
  3. Ace, Jack, Joker, King, and Queen each equal 10 pushups
  4. Mix the deck
  5. Flip the cards and perform the workout
  6. Your workout is done when there are no more cards

Do not perform this workout every day.  You can substitute different exercises.   For example, Monday will be pushups, Wednesday air squats, Friday sit-ups. Or you can do set one is pushups, set  two sit-ups, set three air squats, set four burpees.  This workout is only limited to your imagination to program.

This is an intense workout that will get you toned. Try this workout and you will either love it or hate it.

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