Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Wedding Rings

Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Wedding Rings

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The wedding band is a very powerful symbol in our culture. This little circle of metal is our way of signaling that we are committed to one other individual and wish to be committed to them for life.


It is not unheard of to spend thousands of dollars on a wedding ring, especially for women. Wedding bands come in a variety of precious metals, from the standard gold band to rings inlaid with titanium, Damascus steel or even antlers (yes, this is becoming a more popular material for men’s rings); and can include any assortment of stones. With an item so precious, symbolizing so much, it’s no wonder we value these circles that slide onto our finger.


A huge concern with wedding bands though is keeping them nice and shiny. Keeping them scratch free. Keeping them clean. Keeping them safe. And in some cases, keeping yourself safe. Many can attest to the fact that the elevated pieces of our wedding bags can get easily snagged and pinch our fingers, or worse.


If you share in any of these concerns, we implore you to keep reading and discover the newest trend of wedding bands, the silicone ring.


What are Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings are just what they sound like: rings made from silicone. Some companies that produce silicone use other rubberlike materials but the concept behind these bands remain the same. The idea behind the creation of silicone bands was to create a flexible, yet sturdy, stand in wedding band.


These bands have not been created to replace the wedding band completely, instead they are available to wear in times of need. Those who have adopted the silicone wedding band use this alternative to signify their devotion while working out, performing extensive work with their hands, while on vacation so they do not lose their more precious version of a wedding ring; these rings can be used at any time and solve the issues discussed above.


Part of the popularity of these rings is that they are created for man and women alike; if you are married, there is a silicone ring for you. This still of ring is flexible, so it moves with your finger making it highly comfortable; durable, it won’t get scratched up from natural wear and tear; are non-conductive and hypoallergenic so there’s no need to fear an allergic reaction from wearing one.


Silicone rings are the perfect solution to those who want to show commitment without putting their precious wedding ring at risk. To read more about what silicone rings are, check out this article where leading experts answer questions about wearing silicone rings.


History of Silicone Rings

The traditional wedding ring, the shiny one’s that include diamonds, precious stones, and various metals, didn’t become standard practice until 1930s1. Before this it was tradition to exchange thimbles, since they were a more practical item in a marriage. Today though wedding bands are here to stay, creators of the silicone ring have just aimed to make them more practical to everyday life.


The company leading the silicone ring brigade is QALO. This company was founding just 7 years ago in Southern California2, but over the last 7 years silicone rings have become a booming product. I remember the first silicone ring I picked up; it was a prize at a fitness competition that came in one of three colors- white, black or red. Now you can choose from a multitude of colors, sizes, patterns and textures! There are just as many choices as with regular wedding bands.


This market is quickly growing because of the practicality of the product, which continues to be enhanced. When first released in 2012, silicone rings came in standard sizes with few options for color and zero options for style. As competitors started to catch on the color palette quickly expanded.


Once you were able to get every color imaginable, the next step was to create patterned silicone rings. These included patterns like camo, stripes, tie-dye and others. Though these patterns didn’t add to the functionality of the ring, they definitely upped the appeal. Showing off the newest color or patterns became the cool new thing in the gym.


Topping out in what the ring looked like, producers turned their sites on how the ring functioned. As we mentioned the goal of this product is to provide a wedding ring option that can stand up to the test of time and manage day to day wear and tear. The rings that started out as simple, but flexible and durable silicone circles, now tout various groove dimensions to increase grip, are reversible to help hide dirt and grime, and come in many more sizes for any finger diameter.


The creators have thought of it all. Silicone rings are here to stay because they are a practical way to show your devotion AND keep your precious stones safe.  


Why use a Silicone Ring?

Wedding bands represent our love and devotion to our spouse, and this is a great thing to illustrate to the world, but let’s be practical; sometimes wedding rings just get in the way and create a danger to us and our hands.


Have you ever gotten your ring stuck on your finger? Or caught in a device? Has your ring ever gotten snagged on clothing?


Has a stone ever gone missing? Or has the ring itself disappeared?


Are you tired of having a dirty ring on your finger because no amount of scrubbing can keep the diamonds shining like they did day 1?


These are all valid reasons to want to take your wedding band off sometimes, and now you can because the silicone ring will slide right into its place in a continued effort to illustrate your commitment.


            Preserve Wedding Band: Wearing a silicone ring does not have to be a permanent thing.

Silicone bands were created by fitness geeks that just wanted to wear something comfortable while working out. That was the primary driver behind creation- make something that can easily slide on when increased comfort is needed, then take back off when the time has passed. Most silicone rings are used for short time periods each day and over the course of the week. Slide these durable rings on when performing tasks that utilize the hands and put your wedding band aside to save its shine for those special moments, like date night with your spouse.


Protect Hand and Finger: Safety becomes a big concern for married individuals that work around machinery or in an industry that relies on the hands (such as chefs). The big concern here are blistering, ring avulsion and even degloving. The standard wedding ring is made of metal and sticks out around the finger. This makes it very easy for the ring to get caught in machinery, a door, mixed up with a cutting knife, etc. The risk of injury is greatly reduced by wearing a silicone ring.


Silicone rings are very flexible and durable rings. In addition to this, they tend to be less bulky than regular wedding rings and can come with rounded edges so they lay flat against the finger (getting rid of the hard lip that most wedding rings have). All of this reduces the chance of a silicone ring getting caught up in the same machinery. In the rare case the ring does get caught, the silicon ring will tear and break. This negates any crushing or degloving injury that would have been created by a metal ring.


If you are an individual that works extensively with their hands, and removes your wedding band when risk rises too high, you now have the option of silicone rings to keep your hand safe.


            Reasonable Price Point: The safety and comfort afforded by silicon rings becomes more

desirable when price is involved. Think back to what you are your spouse spent on your wedding bands. It was probably a significant purchase, and again this is reasonable to illustrate your love for your significant other. But when it comes to silicone rings, price shouldn’t be a concern.


Most silicone rings can be purchased for less than $50. Yes you read that correctly, you and your spouse can get comfortable, durable, safe, stylized wedding bands for less than $50 each. Search the web for your perfect ring, or check out some of our favorites here


Who uses Silicone Rings?

In reality silicone rings can be worn by anyone and everyone, and it some cases they should be. As we discussed earlier silicone rings can preserve your wedding band as well as keep your hand safe. For this reason, many professionals that use their hands and are at high risk of injury temporarily replace their wedding bands with silicone rings. Let’s take a look at a few who tout these new bands


            Athletes Wear Silicone Wedding Rings

            These rings were created with working out in mind. The first silicone rings were made

specifically to replace the founders wedding band while they were engaging in sporting activities. It didn’t take long for professional athletes to catch on either. Within moments of their original creation, silicone rings made their way across the NFL, NASCAR, MMA and CrossFit; just to name a few.


With the backing of athletes like Andy Dalton, Kirk Cousins, and Dale Earnhardt Jr. its no surprise silicone rings are now widely accepted in professional sports. Not only are they accepted by athletes, but league officials in certain sports are now allowing athletes to wear these rings during games because of the increased safety features3. As the popularity of these rings grow so do the sports that allow them during play; as of today however, some sports (such as soccer) are remaining strict on the no jewelry policy.

           Firefighter Wedding Ring

First Responders (Firefighters Medics) Wear Silicone Rings

First responders were not far behind athletes in adopting silicone rings. The safety

provided by these rings make them an easy go to for police, firemen, paramedics and anyone of the front lines. Stop worrying about your hand getting caught in a glove, hose, pocket, or the clothing of another individual; and keep your loved one close by and on your mind by swapping your wedding band for a personalized silicone ring.

           Military Wedding Ring For Sale

Military Personnel Use Silicone Rings

Military personnel face the “best” of both worlds; with strict uniform policies and the

need for their hands in every task they do, wearing a wedding band is not always a viable option. Silicone rings can help put yourself and your spouse at ease by provided a uniform approved, safe to handle, wedding band. Any company that sells silicone rings will sell solid colored rings in the color you need so your chief doesn’t get on you for being out of uniform. Check out some of the rings we have specifically for military individuals here

 Golf Wedding Rings For Sale

            Fitness Enthusiasts and Silicone Rings

            We can’t all be professional athletes or first responders, but we all do enjoy sports and

playing games. If you go to the gym regularly and struggle through lifting with your wedding ring, try swapping it out for a silicone ring. If you’ve every been in a pick up game of ball and got scratched by your diamonds, try swapping them out for a silicone ring. If you’ve… you get the idea.


Silicone rings are for anyone and everyone that uses their hands and wants to preserve their wedding band, keep their hand safe, or has to abide by uniform policies.


Top Brands

Now that we’ve convinced you that you are in need of a silicon ring, let’s take a look at some of the top brands on the market today:



The originator of the silicone wedding band. QALO stands for quality, athletics, love and outdoors2; with a name as powerful as this how can you not be an innovator in this realm. This company, which started in 2012 in Orange County, California, has been leading the charge in silicone rings and their popularity. The founders of the company created the silicone bands to fit their desire to show off their young marriages while on the golf course, but without scratching up their precious metal. The result was a band quickly picked up by Andy Dalton and NFL stars around the league.


Football stars are not the only athletes to back this company; NASCAR drivers, MMA fighters and CrossFit champions all sport their QALO silicone bands. Check out their newest styles, and the first reversible silicone band.


Kauai Silicone

Straight from the islands, this brand is known for the intricate designs etched into their bands. Each band features beautiful scrollwork around the outside and is made from the most durable silicone available. The colors may be limited but the design is like none other. If you’re into a clean but intricate product look no further because Kauai Silicone provides just that.


            ROQ Silicone for Men

            This one’s for all the guys out there (don’t worry ladies, you’re next). ROQ is at the

forefront of men’s style when it comes to the silicone ring. With there beveled inner edge and sleek silicone style, you’ll be hard pressed to tell this is a rubber ring until you’re up close. ROQ keeps the every day use in mind by selling this stylized ring in packages of 4 so you’re never left without a ring to show your love and care for your spouse.


            Enso Women’s Braided Ring

            Ladies we know you like to wear multiple rings, that’s why there’s a bridal set! Well Enso

has you covered. Their slim design is perfect for stacking your rings and showing off just how much your spouse loves you. On top of this, Enso uses a braided design to add extra style and flare to your silicone ring of choice. 



Though silicone rings were made for use in the gym, they have quickly taken the world by storm. The durability, flexibility and safety of this products have made it an easy, and in times necessary, stand in for the traditional wedding band.


What started as a simple, white, rubber ring 7 years ago has turned into and industry of fashion, practicality, and options. To learn more about silicone rings, or to pick up one for yourself, check out our articles and products page here



We all love wearing our wedding bands, not just to show off the intricacies of what our spouse has given us, but to also demonstrate our commitment to that special someone. But this precious piece of metal with dazzling stone inlays and patterns that make us go wow isn’t always the right thing to wear. If you are someone who works with your hands, like to engage in activity, or has to follow a strictly enforced uniform policy, you may not want to wear your wedding ring 24/7.


The daily wear and tear can easily scratch a band, knock a diamond loose, or cause harm to your own hands. This is why silicone rings were created just 7 years ago. These rubber rings are used in place of wedding bands when wearing your precious rings just isn’t practical. They are used to preserve your wedding band and keep your hands safe. When in a sticky situation, set your ring aside and slide one of these on to avoid injury as well as dirt or grime buildup.


What started as a simple silicone circle has been transformed into intricate bands of any shape, size and color. With as many options as traditional wedding rings you can find a silicone ring that’s right for you. Don’t let the price surprise you either. These are the affordable stand in to keep the expensive version of your wedding ring safe for those special date nights. Most silicone rings can be purchased for under $50 and are available in men’s or women’s style.


Check out some of the leading brands in the industry today. QALO, the creator of the silicone ring, has been leading the industry since day one. This company can offer nearly any color or pattern and has created the first reversible silicone ring on the market. If you don’t care too much for bright colors, or camo print, but still want something intricate and elegant check out Kauai Silicone. Made from the most durable silicone, each band features beautiful etched scrollwork to provide style to your finger. If you’re more of a simple man though check out ROQ for men. Their rings utilize beveled edges and slick silicone to more closely resemble traditional wedding bands. And for the ladies out there attached to their bridal sets, search through Enso’s stackable rings. Grab a few, mix and match colors, and find what fits you best.


For first responders and military personnel we have you covered. Check out our simple, single colored bands that fit in easily with your uniforms and lifestyle here


No matter your lifestyle, line of work, or personal preference there is a silicone ring out there for you. Save your wedding band and keep your hands safe with maximal style and comfort by investing in a silicone ring today.



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