Getting To Know A Legend - Strongman Andy Bolton

Getting To Know A Legend - Strongman Andy Bolton

The title of the 'world's strongest man' is one that is hotly contested - however, there are those who stand out from the crowd. One of these is Andy Bolton. Bolton, who now focuses on training those who want to improve strength and explosive power in search of their own accolades was born in January 1970 in the Dewsbury, Yorkshire U.K. He started his training at the age of 18 - and it was not long before the years of dedication combined with his exceptional strength and power propelled him to the heights of the international powerlifting scene.

In 1991 Bolton won the first of many powerlifting competitions - at only 21 years of age. At this point, by his own admission, he was still in a process of learning his trade, a journey that he continues to this day. That win was still in the relatively minor leagues - it was at a local event by the name of the 'BAWLA Yorkshire Jnr Championships'. Bolton soon went on the (literally) bigger and better things and the records, as well as accolades, came at a faster and faster rate. Bolton's career is marked by one accomplishment after another. He holds the title for the World Powerlifting Organization's total class with 2806 pounds. He also holds the WPO current record in the squat lifting 1213 pounds and has held records for the deadlift (1008.6 lbs). Another signal achievement was the fact that he was the first competitor to deadlift over one thousand pounds. This feat of powerlifting took place in 2010 at the 'Elizabethtown High School'. The competition went by the name of the 'The Night of the Living Dead'.

In the years previous to that Bolton had placed second in the UK Strongman Docklands Challenge (1999). In 2002 he placed 5th in the Arnold Strongman Classic. Aside from his squat and deadlift accomplishments the 6.0 foot, 350 lb Bolton has also posted results of 771 lbs (equipped) for the bench press, with a competition best of 600.8 lbs raw.

Boltons methods of training and mental discipline were outlined in his successful 2012 book 'Deadlift Dynamite' which was co-authored by Pavel Tsatsouline (a trainer for the Russian 'Spetsnaz' special forces who has trained for U.S. army and was named as a 'Hot Trainer' by Rolling Stone Magazine in 2001).

Bolton has always been interested in physical fitness and sporting life. In his younger days, he was a keen rugby league player (for Hunslet Boys) and also represented England in the 100 meters sprint. That same commitment has seen him become a proud father and husband. In fact, he admits to being two different people, a demanding and precise powerlifter in the gym (he admits to sometimes being 'selfish and self-centered') during training and in competition and another person during his time at home.

In a 2007 interview, Bolton emphasized that the sport is not all about raw strength. Experience, commitment, confidence and technique all come into play. It is this mindset (and commitment to doing hard work) that has seen Bolton scale the heights of international competition. It is his experience that will allow those that he trains to follow in his footsteps.

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