Details About Strongman Brian Siders -Strongman - Powerlifter

Details About Strongman Brian Siders -Strongman - Powerlifter

Tribute to Brian Siders Oct 21, 2014

If you are a fan of powerlifting and of Arnold Strongman Classic, you may have already heard of Brian Siders, the famous American athlete from West Virginia. Finding more details about this strength athlete is easy, provided that you know where to look for such information. This article shows you a few ways to do this type of research online in a fast and effective manner.

To start with, you have to be clear about the type of information you want to find. Would you like a glimpse into the love life of Brian Siders, or you'd simply want to know more about his powerlifting records and about his professional career? If you want spicy details, you should probably search for them in gossip magazines. If you want to find photos of Brian Siders, you should rather use a Google image search. Beware, though, the images that show up in Google Search may be subject to copyright, so you shouldn't use them for your own websites. However, there's probably nothing wrong with using them for your private, personal research projects, as long as you keep them away from public.

Strongman is a competition that tests the athletes in multiple ways. You have to be a complete powerlifter to be able to win at this game of strength and skill. One of the details that made Brian Siders famous was the fact that he claimed to be absolutely natural. He managed to achieve the impressive performance you may already be aware of without using any performance enhancing drugs like many other athletes do. Whether this makes a different or not, it is up to you to tell. Some people don't mind their favorite athletes using drugs to boost their abilities and their strength. On the contrary, others disapprove the use of such substances.

According to some journalists, Brian Siders is the most powerful man on Earth. While this is a rather catchy claim, the truth is that his performance is nothing short of impressive. Among his feats of strength there are Bench Press of 799 lb and Squatting 1019 lb equipped. While hard facts don't lie, you have to compare his performance with the results of other athletes, in order to be able to claim that he is the most powerful man on the planet. Without this benchmark, you can only make assumptions.

If you're interested in knowing more about all Arnold Strongman Classic competitions, you can take a look at the Wikipedia page of this contest. You'll find the names of all top participants for each year since the inception of this competition. You'll see, for instance, that in the 2010 competition, Brian Siders finished 10th, and received a prize of $1,000. One year before, in 2009, he ranked 6th. In 2005 he ranked 5th, which was his best performance in this contest ever. All these details will enable you to take a glimpse into his life and into his evolution as a complete athlete. Thanks to the internet, you can find out anything you want about almost anybody.

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