Lactose Intolerance Affect on Selecting the Correct Protein Supplement

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Lactose Intolerance Affect on Selecting the Correct Protein Supplement


In the 60’s to 90’s the sports and fitness industry started to push protein supplements instead of whole food eating.  The main protein supplement was protein shakes.   In those days, I would drink 2 gallons of milk with my protein per week just to try to add more muscle.   The protein tasted like a health food store and the serving size for 15 grams was a cup of powder. Vintage articles in the hardcore bodybuilding magazines didn’t tell me was that I would get explosive gas, abdominal cramps, and diarrhea from taking this mixture. Those side effects were the symptom of a condition called Lactose Intolerance.

Development of Whey – Thanks to A. Scott Connelly (founder of Met Rx) for developing a better protein using whey instead of full dairy based protein.  His team rewrote the book on protein supplement. This revolutionized the fitness industry, now the only gas a fitness person will get is caused by eating all those eggs. 

What is Lactose Intolerance - Lactose intolerance is an allergic reaction in the human body to the sugar in milk. The milk triggers this reaction at a genetically predetermined level. According to a recent study over 70% of the worlds adult population has some lactase tolerance. It is typically prompted around 12 grams at one sitting or 18 grams spread over the day.

Lactose Levels in Foods



Lactose (Grams)


1 cup


Whole Milk Yogurt

1 cup


Ice Cream

¾ cup


American Cheese

1.5 oz


Cream Cheese

1.5 oz



1 tbsp


Whey Protein

1 tbsp



So, when choosing a protein supplement, you will need to look at the lactose level of that product using the above calculations by the University of Lorraine.

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