Make Your Workout Headphones Last Longer

Make Your Workout Headphones Last Longer


We don't always pay attention and give the utmost care to our headphones. Until one day, you will find it malfunctioning and eventually cease to work in no time. Over time, as we wear our headphones without carefulness, chances are: First, it loses sound in one ear; Second, it produces lower or piercing sound, otherwise, do not work at all. If you want to extend the life and quality functionality of your headphones, there are certain things you must maintain to do.

Take Good Care of the Cable

Constant pulling or yanking of the cable can cause internal damage, specifically on the wiring. It is probably the leading cause of most of the headphone damage. The cable is not always durable; that is why you need to take care of it. Here are pointers on how to take care of your cables in any situation:

  • Practice rolling up your headphones all the time whenever you’re not using it to prevent damage.
  • When removing a plug from an audio source, do not pull the cable, pull the plug instead. Pulling the cable might give extra stress on the connector and will eventually further damage it.
  • To avoid damaging the pong, pull the plug firmly, not abruptly. If the headphone jack is tight, make sure to remove the connector with a firm, steady force.
  • Pulling the cord on tight places can strain the wiring and break the headphone over time. To avoid this, you may use a headphone wrapper or little special pouch but make sure it is looped.
  • If you have a detachable cable, unplug the cable wind it up and put it in a Velcro wrap.

              Most of the cables, sooner or later, will stop working; it is already constant, mainly if you use it consistently. But if you didn’t want to deal with the same cable problem anymore, you may reconsider purchasing wireless headphones.

  • Every point of your headphone’s wiring contains a potential point of failure. Protect the weak points of your headphone; this includes not only your plug and earpiece but also remotes, in-line splitters, and volume buttons.
  • Avoid dangling your headphones from the desk or bag; it puts unnecessary stress on the connection as the gravity tugs it.

Maintain Clean Headphones

Be it supra-aural (on-ear) or circumaural (over-the-ear), your headphone is prone to damage because of sweat, dust, and earwax. Earwax build-up can cause a lot of issues like blocking the headphone treble and altering the stereo, which is why it needs cleaning regularly. Fortunately, there are earwax cleaning tools that exist today, and you can purchase them for as low as $10. These tools are designed exclusively to help you scrape the inside the earphones out of the silicone ear tips and driver outlets. Lastly, try to keep your ears earwax-free when using your headsets and ensure that its cleanliness is well maintained.

Use Applications for Sound Enhancements

Another tip to enhance your headphones is to try applications that alter the sound signature of your headphones. These apps will give you varied sounds while increasing the quality of sound intensely. Then again, if in the first place you don’t like the sound of your headphones, the apps can do nothing about it except that it offers some useful features that improve the quality of sound. This upgrade also works on computers, and software can be downloaded easily. It will let you twist your preferences and customize your headphone sound quality according to your taste and liking.

Use Digital-to-Analog Converters

DACs, otherwise known as digital-to-analog converters, are also great alternatives to improve the overall audio quality of your headphones. It enables you to convert the digital signal from your mobile device to an analog signal that your wired headphones will output from then on. Portable DACs are also available which can be plugged into your phone. To enjoy improvements, all you need to do is plug in your headphones so you may experience playing high-resolution files and lower distortion.

Use Cable Wrappers

Don’t just stuff your headphones on your pockets.

It is highly essential; you may have wired or portable headphones. If the cable is tangled up, it can deter the connection in the wirings.

  • Use a binder clip to organize the looping of the headphones
  • Avoid putting stress on the cables, so do not tie them up.

Do Not Leave Headphones Plugged In

It is expected of you to plug your headphones the moment you decide you’re not using it. Due to unexpected movements from you, you may accidentally get caught or strangle by the cable for it to be damaged. Also, do not leave your headphones on the floor. It is quite apparent but quit making the habit because once you unintentionally step on it, then some parts of it will inevitably be damaged. Instead of doing so, place your headphones on the desk, table or else, just put them away from the floor.

Choose Durable Headphones

Even if you give your hundred percent effort to take care of your headphones, if you always purchase low-quality models, then it is unlikely that your headphones will be long-lasting. Some models have weaker wiring, fragile packaging, and faulty cables. Make sure, when busing headphones, choose models with thicker cablings and with right-angle plugs. These can help protect the end of the wire when pulling off the spigot. To ensure additional protection to your headphones and extend their lifespan, buy a right-angle adapter for your cap or apply shrink tubing around the connector.

Enjoy overall audio quality when playing music, talking to someone, watching videos, and the likes. Do not settle on changing your headphones all over again, time after time. Extend the life of your headphones by following these pointers on how to take care of it. Having long-lasting headphones depends on the amount of effort the owner gives in taking care of it.  Get more info on the latest headphones today!


Written by Lydia Lee

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