Prilepin's Chart for Relative Intensity and Powerlifting Programming

Prilepin's Chart for Relative Intensity and Powerlifting Programming

Powerlifting is a popular form of exercise.  Many people who are serious about strength and conditioning refer to a chart for guidance known as a Prilepin's Chart or the Prilepin Table. It is a table that has helped to produce many highly trained athletes.


What is Prilepin's Chart?


Created by the Soviet weightlifting coach and scientist A.S. Prilepin (Alexander Sergeyevitch Prilepin), the chart is a table of the optimal number of Olympic weightlifting reps per set, per volume, and per intensity used for training.  Prilepin developed the chart based on the study of Olympic weightlifters.


How is the Chart and Table Set Up?


The table is set up in four columns.  The first column represents the percentage of a persons 1 Repetition Maximum or 1RM.  The second column represents the number of reps per set.  The third column represents the optimal number of total reps.  Finally, the fourth represents the range of reps.


Why is the Table Important?


The Prilepin's Table is important because it shows an athlete the correct percentage of output and technique.  Too many reps at an intensity that is too high is not optimal for performance.  On the other hand, two few reps at low intensity is not optimal either.  Following Prilepin’s guide helps a weightlifter become a well-trained athlete.


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