Say No to Spotting the Bench (Spotter Technique)

Say No to Spotting the Bench (Spotter Technique)

Spot at your own risk (Spotting Technique) 

The bench press is one of the largest meathead workouts in the gym.  I am officially a meathead.  With this workout, some people can get overconfident in this exercise and make spotting dangerous.  Spotting is tricky if you do it wrong you can injure yourself, or the lifter.  The spotter has two jobs one to prevent injury, and the other is not to steal a rep from a person. If you are uncomfortable with performing these tasks, please Do Not Spot a Person.

  1. Say No – Do not spot someone you do not know, or have observed them work up to the spotted weight. There are a lot of people who will jump under a bar cold (no warm up or progression to their max weight).  Walk away from this person unless you want to roll your bicep.
  2. Lift Off – When performing a lift-off use an over under grip help the lifter move the bar from the rack pass the face to the lockout position.
  3. No Stealing of Reps – only touches the bar when needed. A person could have been working for 4 months on their Max Out then you touch the bar prematurely. Don’t let your inexperience steal a person’s record.
  4. Your Job - Only touch the bar when the lifter says too, or if the bar moves in any direction but up.
  5. No Bro Reps – Don’t use the 2-finger method to do bro The lifter needs to lift the bar no assisted reps.

These are easy steps to safely spot a person on the bench press without sealing a lift or getting injured.

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