The 6 Most Common Protein Powders Types and Shakes Explained

The 6 Most Common Protein Powders Types and Shakes Explained


Several types of protein supplements can be purchased locally or online.  In this article, I am going to try to explain the 6 most popular types, and how the body absorbs them. The chart below shows the 6 most common types of protein supplement and the hours it takes to absorb in the body fully.


Protein Source

Absorption Grams per Hour

Whey Isolate








Cooked Egg


Raw Egg



Whey Concentrate

Whey Concentrate is one of the cheapest forms of whey protein.  It causes gas in some people and has a higher level of carbohydrates than others. It has a fast absorption rate so it can be used as a general-purpose protein. 

Whey Isolate

Whey Isolate is like concentrate, but the major difference is it is procced more to reduce the carbohydrate level.  It is great for low carb dieters.  And a lot of the nutrition value is filtered out due to the over processing.   


Casein is a slow absorption milk protein. Can be used as a meal replacement or before bed. Due to its slow digestion rate, it can deliver a constant supply of amino acids for muscle repair.

Casein Hydrolysate

Casein Hydrolysate is one of the most expensive proteins in the market.  It has a fast abortion rate so it should be used for post workout.

Soy Protein

Soy protein is a nondairy protein that is not very popular with bodybuilders.  Also in recent studies, it has been shown to increase estrogen levels in males.

Egg Protein

Egg Protein is a slow release protein that can be used throughout the day.  Your body will absorb the amino acids slowly. It can be purchased in powder or liquid.

You should be able to make an informed decision on selecting your protein based on its absorption rate and your daily needs.

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