What are the Cable Machine Attachment Names?

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What are the Cable Machine Attachment Names?

There are many different types of cable attachments below are the basic names and name variations of the 9 most common cable attachments that you would see in most gyms. 
Lat Bar - Lat pull Down Bar - Ohio Fitness Garage
Lat Bar, Lat Pull Down Bar, Lat Pulldown Bar
Single Cable Attachment - Ohio Fitness Garage
Single grip cable attachment,  Cable Attachment Handle, Single Cable Grip
Tricep Pressdown Bar - Ohio Fitness Garage
Tricep Pressdown Bar, Pushdown Bar, Cable Pushdown Bar, V Bar Pushdown,
V Handle Pushdown
Tricep press down rope - Ohio Fitness Garage
Tricep Rope, Tricep Pressdown Rope, Fat Rope Attachment
Revolving Stirrup Handle - Ohio Fitness Garage 
Revolving Stirrup Handle
A Shape Handle - Ohio Fitness Garage
A Shape Tricep Pressdown Bar, Double Stirrup Handle 
Straight Lat bar - Ohio Fitness Garage
Straight Lat Bar, Straight Pro Style Lat Bar
Revolving Curl Bar - Ohio Fitness Garage
Revolving Curl Bar, Multipurpose Curl Bar, Cable Curl Bar
Chinning Triangle - Ohio Fitness Garage
Chinning Triangle, Cable Row Attachment, Double Grip Seated Row 

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