What is a Bench Press Lift-Off? (Unracking the Bench)

What is a Bench Press Lift-Off? (Unracking the Bench)

To perform a proper bench press lift off, you will need 2 people, the lifter, and the spotter. The spotter's job is to get the bar safely to the start position of the bench. The lifters job is to assist the spotter in moving the bar.  Here are the task that will need to be performed.

  • Coordinate - The lifter and the spotter will have to come up with a way to coordinate the lift. A lot of people use the 3-2-1 Lift cadence method.
  • Spotter – will stand over the lifer with an over and under the grip. He/she will grab the bar and safely move the bar from the rack to the start position, then the lockout position to the rack (position 1 and 2). When giving the bar, he should pass the bar without a major abruption.  
  • Lifter – will need to help the spotter lift the weights and lock out their elbows when moving the bar from the position 1 to 2.
  • Importance – When the bar travels across the face this is one of the most dangerous moves. A liftoff will help minimize injury when moving to and from the rack. It will also help protect your shoulders from injury during the lift.

Lift-offs are used by many lifters to move the bar from position 1 to 2.  By following the above steps, you will know to perform a good lift off.

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