What’s a Deadlift Barbell Jack?

What’s a Deadlift Barbell Jack?

What’s a Deadlift Barbell Jack?

When performing the deadlift with heavy weights, one of the hardest tasks to perform at the end of a workout is removing the plates.  Using a deadlift jack can help save energy during the loading and unloading process.  There are four basic types of deadlift jacks and uses.

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5 Pound Plate- A five-pound plate can be used to roll one side of the weights on. Then you can remove or add more weights.  The draw back is the diameter of the plate.  Because the plate’s diameter is larger than the width of the plate on the bar you can only remove one side at a time.  



Rubber Deadlift JackA rubber deadlift jack is a small rubber wedge where you can roll one side or two sides of weights at one time.  The width of this type of deadlift jack is normally smaller than most plates.  It is great for a home gym or a facility that lacks a lot of storage space.  


Full Bar Jack – If you have used one of these, I know you would agree with me that this is, hands down, the best way to unload and load a bar for deadlifting.  It uses leverage to grip the bar from the inside of the plates and lifts both sides at once.  This type of jack is great for facilities that have dedicated deadlift platforms. The drawback is it is big (really big).  You will need a lot of storage room for the jack.  It is also very hard to break apart for storage. 


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Mini Deadlift Jack – It is smaller than the Full Bar Jack, but it has similar characteristics.  This jack is great for small gyms with limited space.  It is more expensive than the rubber deadlift jack but it is well worth the money.



Overall, the full bar jack is the best option if you have the space and budget. The rubber deadlift jack is small and can be used in many type of facilities.

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