Your Lower Chest and Legs are Garbage Without a Fanny Pack, Bum Bag (British)

Your Lower Chest and Legs are Garbage Without a Fanny Pack, Bum Bag (British)




There are several inverted exercises that people just don’t perform at the gym due to their items falling out of their pocket while training.   People have items in their pockets at the gym for many reasons. It could be due to people breaking into lockers at their gym, cars getting broken in, or the clothes that they wear. The exercises that are being skipped the most is leg press and the decline bench.  A Fanny Pack can get your legs and lower chest sexy back.

A fanny pack is a pouch that is worn like a belt.  You can store your keys, phone, credit cards, wrist wraps, straps, and workout journal in it.  These bags were popularized in the 80’s by Bum Bag in Great Britain.  This trend faded with mom jeans.

Many workout facilities don’t allow their members to carry around large workout bags.  The reason for this is because they can become a tripping hazards and believe it or not some members have sticky fingers and will use their bags to cancel items they are taking.  One of the gyms I went to someone stole the 50-pound dumbbells in their bag. 

Fanny Pack Benefits

  • Prevent Pockets from Emptying- keys stay in place on inverted exercises like leg press or decline bench
  • Secure -don’t have to leave your credit cards in your car or locker
  • Movable - can rotate from front to back to side depending on your workout

Purchasing a fanny pack will help you develop strength on those exercises that are just inconvenient to perform.

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