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7 Foot Black Cambered Bench Press Bar - 600 lbs - Row Barbell Ader Fitness

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- Black Cambered Bench Press bar ( Bent Over Row Barbell) with chrome sleeves

- Barbell length: 7′ or 86 inches

- 14 inches of passively knurled gripping area 

- Bar weight: 45 pounds

- Bar Loading weight capacity: 600 pounds

-   3.5 inch  center camber


This is a great Camber Bar for developing bottom end of the bench press. The Cambered Bar Bench Press forces you to extend your range of motion beyond the standard. It can also be used as a bent over row barbell to keep constant tension on the back while performing this exercise. 


Cambered Bar Bench Press Tutorial and Benefits


Cambered Bar Row (Bent Over Row)





Ask a Question
  • How many inches is the hand spacing?

    The grip area which has knurling is 14" which is for the handles. Are you wanting the length from the final bend to the Olympic sleeve or something else?

  • Could you squat with this bar?

    This bar is designed for keeping constant tension on the bench press and the bent over row. You may be able to use it for squatting, but I would not suggest it.  Now the Buffalo Barbell is more suited for squatting.  You also can use it for benching, and rowing.  Here is a link to an article that explains how to use and the function of all our specialty barbells.

  • How much camber is there in this bar?

    3.5 Inches

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