Coaches and Officials

As the people who train and instruct most sports, coaches deserve to be protected and provided with great equipment just like the players. Coaches and officials can find exactly what they are looking for here at the Ohio Fitness Garage.

One especially popular category is our large selection of clipboards where any coach is bound to find their perfect clipboard. We have clipboards for many different sports. As long as you are looking for a basic, volleyball, basketball, football or soccer clipboard you are in luck.

 In our coach and official’s aid’s section we offer a couple different products to specifically make these professionals jobs easier. You can find whistles, lanyards, and dry erase boards in this category. There are several different colors and options for each. 

Communication and voice amplification should definitely receive a second look. Whether you are looking for a megaphone, a mini megaphone, a voice blaster, or a PA system, we have it all.

All this and more is provided in the coaching and officials collection. All of our products are designed to make it easier for these people to do their jobs, quickly and effectively. We hope you find the exact product you are looking for.

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