Foam Flooring Mats

If you are designing your new gym and are wondering what to do about the flooring, there’s no need to look any further. We have some great foam flooring mats to offer you so you can create a perfect space to do exercise safely in your home or in another location.

Foam flooring mats are perfect for bodyweight exercises, as well as for lightweight exercises. This type of flooring provides the perfect amount of cushion to avoid injuries to your joints and is also a great option for those who want to do workouts with their kids in a fun, safe environment.

Foam flooring mats are super lightweight and really easy to move anywhere you need them. Installation is simple and in the case that you don’t have a permanent gym space you can easily use them temporarily. They are flexible, shock absorbent and soft, the ideal flooring option for comfortable exercising.

In our foam flooring mats collection we offer a wide variety of products that include, all the materials you would need to create a foam pit, as well as different styles of foam type carpets and foam borders.

Everything you need to create your foam floor can be found here.  

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