Whether you are just starting out or whether you are a pro, we have a little something for everyone. If you need a Yoga Mat that can be easily transported, check out some of our tri-fold mats. The tri-fold mats have handles that make them easy to carry and zippers that make them easy to clean and store.

If you are looking for a thicker mat to have on your workout floor at home, we have the triple layer mat. It is 5/8” thick and it provides firm support for exercising and stretching. Its small size is convenient if space is limited.

If you are looking for something simple with style, another calisthenic Yoga mat in our collection is the exercise mat.  It is simple and easy to roll up and comes in a variety of colors.

For a little extra comfort the  folding mat is available. It offers extra comfort and is easy to clean and store. Another option we have is the simple folding mat or the flat mat.

All of our calisthenic Yoga exercises mats are made to help the user have a great exercise session. They are very useful for a wide range of exercises and can be used in many different settings. 

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