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Ohio Fitness Garage is an online fitness equipment selling store; we specialize in the sale of semi-custom manufacture of fitness equipment. Among our range of products includes Pegboards Climbing walls, Silicone rubber, wedding band rings, cheerleading equipment, powerlifting and body lifting and bodybuilding equipment, jerk boxes blocks, plyo boxes, and several other fitness equipments made from wood and steel. 

Ohio fitness garage combines an extensive and varied product portfolio with expert consultation to help any facility create a fitness solution that is a perfect fit for its exercises. We have paid considerable attention to details in skillfully crafting fitness equipment’s to achieve maximum desired results.

Customers should be treated like kings; this has been our watchword in dealing with our customers, we offer some of the best customer services around the country. We have a plethora of options to aid you in making your purchases in our store ranging from telephone consultations, office appointments, and we even go as far as home consultations to see a smile on our customers face and give them the utmost satisfaction. All options are available are available at the click of a button on our user-friendly website.

Our vast range of products covers the field ranging from gym equipment for your home gym to a professional gym, and a commercial gym. Our home gym equipment has been carefully designed not take up too much space in your house, we have successfully combined smaller size with maximum efficiency.

Furthermore, we have a consumer-friendly warranty policy on every equipment you purchase from our store. It is also worthy of mention that we also have an itch-free policy on refunds of funds in case you are not satisfied with any of the products you buy from our store. We can also be of help in the installation of equipment purchased from our store upon the payment of a token.

Our store is strategically located in Colombus, Ohio. We eagerly anticipate your patronage.

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