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The Ohio Fitness garage has been a great source (both manufactured and sought for) for home and commercial fitness equipment’s for a long time now. Ohio Fitness has always and still offer several customized offers to becoming an authorized dealer. We have a line up of home and commercial strength, cardio, iron and accessories which provide you with a great opportunity to help any fitness business. Our in-home Lifetime warranty is the best in the industry today.


Ohio Fitness Garage has a customer service department well recognized as the most customer friendly department according to statistics. Our customer service staffs are always friendly, enthusiastic and ready to answer any questions you have from Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm central time.


Ohio Fitness Garage staffs have a whole lot of experience with dealing with people in the fitness industry. We have sales staffs who thrive in being very helpful to clients. We have a lot of effective and easy programs for consumer financing and floor model financing. Our sales representatives can determine which program and product would preferably fit your business.


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First off, I have to congratulate you because you are about to become a member of the fastest growing drop ship wholesaler program available online today. We undoubtedly say that we are the best for online fitness equipment sales there is. With the Ohio fitness garage dealer program, you would definitely receive all the tools needed for you to easily build your own online fitness equipment store where you can immediately begin to make money from your site. One thing we have as a driving point is the simplicity with which we setup which makes your website a fun and profitable enterprise anytime any day.

OPTION 1. Drop Ship (Earn 20 -30% Profit)

 OFG will ship the products you sell. You will have to comply with MAP pricing, maintain a minim amount of sales per year Talk more about drop shipping Ohio Fitness Garage is a US manufacturer of sports, fitness, and conditioning equipment. Currently there are about 120 SKU’s in the product line. We only ship to the lower 48 states. As a new drop shipper, you will be given a 20% discount on all Ohio Fitness Garage branded items. There will be a $5 service fee for orders under $100. Map price is strictly enforced on eBay, Amazon, and Google Shopping. Any other site you can price however you chose. To qualify for a tax-exempt sale in the state of Ohio you must forward your states blanket exemption form.


OPTION 2. Wholesale (Earn 30-40% Profit)

Wholesale you buy the products form us stock them and sell them at your price level. At this time, you will not have to comply with map pricing. Limited spaces on eBay, Amazon and the likes. Joining Ohio Fitness Garage is very easy and all you need is a great website to get started and we would do the majority of the work, drop shipping to all your customers and clients. With us you have a wide variety of fitness accessories, kickboxing gears, sporting goods, workout equipment as well as other great products which would allow you make the stated 30 to 40% retail profit stated where we sell all these products directly from your website. We have to mention that we are a great drop ship website and we only sell to retail stores and website owners and we require you to have an account with us to make a purchase.

This wholesale option is one without a rival when it comes to the profitability of the offer. This program brings another dimension to the drop shipping business today. You can be rest assured that our word is our bond as we not only say it, we mean it so feel free to sign up as this platform is one not to regret.


OPTION 3. Ohio Fitness Garage Affiliate Program (Earn 5% Commission)

It's easy and free to join. Congratulations! You are about to become part of one of the fastest growing fitness affiliate programs for online fitness equipment sales will help you build a successful and profitable business. Through our affiliate program, you will receive all the tools you need to quickly and easily build your own online fitness equipment store and start making money from your site. It's simple to set up and a great way to turn your Web site into a fun and profitable enterprise. If you are serious about selling fitness equipment from your own site, Ohio Fitness Garage sells product between $20 to $10,000 

This particular option is not child’s play. Here you can and will earn serious cash which would be generated from your site. All you have to do is just have a site and leave the rest for us, let us do all the work. The only thing we are particular about from your end is your ability to grow your website and earn more profit. Yes, there are many wholesale drop ship programs out there but the Ohio fitness Garage program is the fastest growing fitness drop ship program for fitness equipment sales online.

All you have to do is add our products to your website and we will do the rest. You get paid when someone comes to our website for your website to make a purchase. It’s that simple.


With all that has been said here it is obvious that this is a sort of arrangement where both parties profit immensely.

It has been known in the drop shipping business today that many companies do not live up to their expectations saying one thing and doing the exact opposite. We have nothing to gain by doing that. The Ohio fitness garage program is one where we work together to profit, both sides smiling.

We look forward to assisting you with achieving your fitness goals, come join us on this ever profiting adventure as many have testified it to be.


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