1" x 2' x 4' Flat Mat

1" x 2' x 4' Flat Mat

By Olympia

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1" x 2' x 4' Flat Mat - Exercise Mats
  • ✦ The Hybrid Mat uses XLPE for a crush resistant core and PE for the top and bottom for durability
  • ✦ The combination of these qualities provides the most comfort with the maximum durability in a commercial setting
  • ✦ The cross-linked polyethylene center layer has the ability to crush and bounce back
  • ✦ The outer layer of tough polyethylene has a thinner but higher density material that is easy to keep clean and protects the softer form in the center
  • ✦ Package size 49"(Length) x 25"(Width) x 1"(Height)

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