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Battle rope with cover is great conditioning tool that provide a full body workout with a focus on increasing muscular endurance and cardiovascular conditioning. Extremely easy to setup--just wrap it around something and get to work!


This weighted rope is heavy duty and durable, it is hard to be frayed. Because we are using nylon sleeve cover to protect the rope from friction and fraying.

  • 2" Diameter
  • Nylon cover for added durability
  • Poly ends for grip
  • Coated Ends for Comfort 
  • Metal clamped ends hold coated ends and nylon cover in place
  • Available in 30 foot or 50 foot 

The Strencor™ Battle Ropes are one of the universal tools that develop core strength, enhance cardio workouts and burns calories. Available in both a 30' and 50' option, these ropes are 2" diameter and equipped with a nylon for added durability. Each end is fused and poly covered for grip. A metal clamp connects both covers to ensure a long lasting battle rope.

Battle Rope Exercises (Workout)

  • Rope Waves
  • Rope Crossover 
  • Hip Toss
  • In and Out Waves
  • Seated Hip Toss - Russian Twiss
  • Counterclockwise
  • Clockwise 
  •  Jumping Jacks 
  • Power Slams
  • Side to Side Waves
  • Shuffle
  • Ski Steps 



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