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The Valor Fitness ED-18 Set of 5 Conditioning Bands provides a Resistance Variety: A variety of bands weights will give you a better workout by allowing you to gradually work your way up in weaker exercises and really activate your muscles on stronger ones "Stackable" Variable Resistance Bands: The variable part of this type of resistance band comes from your ability to clip on additional bands. This will let you combine bands to make a heavier resistance band to use. Features metal clipping system on bands for attaching to soft-grip handles or ankle straps. Resistance Band Handle: nylon strap material that links the band and the handle portion Includes a door anchor, carrying bag, and ankle strap. 1 extra-light resistance band (yellow), 1 light resistance band (green) 1 medium resistance band (red), 1 heavy resistance band (blue) 1 extra-heavy resistance band (black) 2 handles, 2 ankle straps 1 door anchor, 1 storage bag


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