12" Adjustable Stiffness Biokinetic Padded Plyo box

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  • 12" Biokinetic Padded Plyo box
  • ✦ A revolutionary advance for plyometrics
  • ✦ State-of-the-art Isogel technology is embedded to dynamically reduce impact forces that can quietly accumulate damage in your joints
  • ✦ This product is engineered with a tuning feature that enables you to pre-select the stiffness to suit your exercise needs
  • ✦ Set it soft to cushion heavy bounding and early-season strength work
  • ✦ Tune it stiffer for performance drills and late season skill development
  • ✦ All polymer construction is free of rust, splinters, and shin-busting edges
  • ✦ Holds secure on any surface without scuffing
  • ✦ Nests for easy storage

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