Deluxe Strongman Farmer Walk Handles - Strencor

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      Deluxe Strongman Farmer Walk Handles - Strencor
  • Each handle has 28mm with knurling
  • Each handle is 44lb
  • 13 1/2" sleeve length
  • Powder coated
  • Sold as pair
  • Made in China


STRENCOR™ Deluxe Strongman Farmers Walk Handles are a step up from the regular Farmer Walk Handles. These handles are top loaded designed for easier setup and fit both bumper plates and metal plates. Farmers Walk Handles are great for developing powerful legs and hips and strengthening the core.  There are feet on them to reduce the likelihood of injuries to the user's feet.


The Farmers walk is a simple exercise that will seriously tax your back, shoulders, and grip. While you are ready to pass out from muscle failure you then realize that you are unable to pinpoint what failed first, your grip, or your cardio. Click here for more strongman equipment




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  • Is the price for a pair (2 Handles)?

    Yes, for a pair of farmers handles. 

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