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The Valor PRO OB-FW Portable Farmers Walk Handles are one of the most demanding expeditions of strength. Seen in strongman competitions and box events, this exercise increases strength in your grip, legs, and back.

The bars are 60 inches in length and weigh 24.5 lbs, each with 12” of loadable sleeve space. Heavy duty steel for strength and durability 60" overall length per handle 12" of loadable sleeve space per handle Each handle weighs 24.5 lbs Fits Olympic style collars


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  • How much weight can the farmers walk bars handle?

    This is an import bar.  It states that there is 12 inches of loadable space.  That would equate to 9 45lb plates on each side.  If you are going to go that heavy you should go with a solid domestic bar.  These bars can easy hold 450lbs per side.  We also can make custom solid steel handles if needed. 

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